EXOS Performance Mentorship Phase 1 - Milan, Italy, FitFam, giovedì, 17. ottobre 2019

This course is taught in English and translated Italian.
Phase 1 introduces you to our four pillars of human performance: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery.
This four-day mentorship course is the first step in immersing yourself in the unique methodology and reasoning behind the systems that help top athletes around the world succeed. You’ll learn from the coaches who use this methodology daily, covering everything from plyometrics and multidirectional speed to regeneration and nutrition. 
Topics include:

EXOS methodology
Prehabilitation, Pillar Strength, and Movement Preparation
Plyometrics and acceleration
Absolute and multidirectional speed
Strength and rotary power
Intelligent energy systems profiling
Functional Movement Screen

What you’ll receive:

Swag bag with EXOS apparel and other cool stuff
Exclusive discounts from EXOS partners
Access to EXOS Performance Specialist Certification ($1,130 value)
CEU Credits: NSCA: 2 | ACSM: 30

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EXOS Performance Mentorship Phase 1 - Milan, Italy

Dotto Francesco Consulting Green

Dotto Francesco Consulting Green

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