droidcon Italy 2020 - Conference (16-17 April), OGR Torino, giovedì, 16. aprile 2020

droidcon Italy 2020 is the biggest Android conference for developers in Europe.
The seventh edition will be 16-17 April 2020 @ OGR Torino
droidcon is for everyone that works with Android: developers & engineers YES, but also the researchers, the marketers, the designers, the managers and the founders that do pioneering, creative work on Android and want to share it with the community. 
Call for Paper will open 15 December - 30 January.
Full Agenda will be published on the 15th of February
Standard tickets for the Conference
4FRIENDS TICKET (ONLY 99 tickets): 99€ until 1 DecemberEARLY BIRD TICKET: 139€ from 1 December - 15 February REGULAR TICKET: 189€ from 16 February - 16 April (18:00)STUDENT TICKET: 49€
Expertisedroidcon Italy supports the Android platform by bringing together developers and suppliers to evolve the Android ecosystem in its unique approach of openness and shared organised by Synesthesia Srl, a ten year+ software house in the heart of Torino, droidcon Italy benefits from the core knowledge and passion that the Synesthesia crew bring to the event.
The participantsdroidcon Italy brings together Android developers, software engineers, designers, UI/ UX experts and marketers. Participants are both freelancers and those who work with agencies, software houses and b2c companies.
Event structureThe event comprises a two day conference plus two day hackathon. Within the conference the agenda is divided into keynote presentations (for the full audience) and stream/ track presentations (when the audiences choose between 3 or 4 simultaneous sessions).Also scheduled throughout the agenda are workshops – longer sessions in which the participants can deep dive into a particular are opportunities to network throughout the whole event: coffee and lunch breaks are held in the exhibition space.
About the venue The OGR – Officine Grande Riparazioni – brings together creation & refurbishment, industrial & technological, artistic & scientific, in one space. The venue was re-opened mid 2017, following a one hundred million euro investment by the CRT Foundation. It is a special and very unique complex. The Officine Nord are an open multifunctional exhibition space which retain traces of the building’s past but also incorporate the best AV tools & technologies. The intention and the ambiance of the OGR are a perfect match for droidcon.
More Info at
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Q: Are tickets are valid for the 2 days of conference?A: You just need one ticket for the two days. This is valid also for Student Tickets
Q: Is it only possible to pay using Paypal?A: You can use any credit card using the Paypal gateway. If you prefer to use Bank Transfer (bonifico bancario) or other payment options, please contact us.
Q: Is there any discount for large groups, schools, user groups, etc.?A: We can agree discounts for schools and universities (both public and private institutions). Google Dev Groups (GDG) members are eligibile for discounts too (contact your local representative for details). If you run a GDG or other developer groups, communities, conference, etc. please contact us!
Q: Can the ticket be transferred?A: No, tickets are personal. If can't come and want to transfer your ticket, contact us.
Q: Do I need to print the ticket?A: No, you can also use the digital version on your smartphone/tablet/pc. Be enviroment friendly!
Q: I have another question...A: use the "contact organizer" ("contatta l'organizzatore") button on the right column. Feel free to write us!

droidcon Italy 2020 - Conference (16-17 April)

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